Best Exterior Paint: Which is Right for Your Florida Home?

Best Exterior Paint: Which is Right for Your Florida Home?

Your exterior paint project should be easy, look great, and last for years to come. After all, it’s the first thing you, your friends and family will see every time you walk into your home! Bright Side Painting is your local Jacksonville partner in painting, stucco, cabinets, and more you can trust to deliver high-quality results every time. If you need recommendations on the best exterior paint for your home, we’ll consider every factor to provide the best options for you and your budget.

Learn more from our experts about the best exterior paints and get tips for your next exterior paint job.

Why You Should Never DIY Exterior House Painting

Many Homes Need Exterior Repairs

Every paint job starts with preparation. For exterior painting, a big part of that preparation is making necessary repairs to wood, masonry, or stucco to ensure a durable, quality finish. 

For example, our severe Florida weather and storms can damage stucco, leading to visible stains. Many homeowners try to paint over these marks, but that’s a mistake. The damage will still exist, can wind up looking worse, and become even harder to repair. At Bright Side Painting, our expert team offers stucco repair solutions that lead to attractive and durable results.

Exterior Painting Needs to Get Done Fast

In Northeast Florida, paint application time is a big factor in the quality of your results. Because our ambient air temperatures can reach over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, painting must be completed quickly. Maintaining a wet edge in such high temperatures is very difficult — you’ll find your paint starts to look splotchy if you don’t move fast enough. Professional painters have the equipment and experience to ensure a quality finish even during the hottest summer months.

Exterior Painting Requires Specialized Tools

Many of the proper tools needed for exterior paint jobs aren’t sold at regular hardware stores. Even if they are, they’re too expensive to justify for most homeowners. For example, professional painters use extension ladders that range from 40 to 60 feet. When would you need that ladder again? Rather than investing in costly equipment, a professional can take care of everything for you.

Exterior Painting Comes With Potential Safety Risks

Homeowners also have to consider safety risks with their exterior paint job. Exterior painting often requires working from heights, whether on the roof or a ladder. In our industry, injury from falls is one of our most serious concerns. Again, professional painters like our team at Bright Side have the experience and equipment to complete the job safely and protect your home investment.

Tips for Hiring a Painter 

Watch Out for These Red Flags

According to Robert Jennings, Project Manager at Bright Side Painting of Jacksonville, there are some red flags homeowners should watch out for when hiring a painter. He advises homeowners to be wary of painters who: 

  • Do not properly wash and prepare the home's exterior. “They can’t just use a pressure washer anyone could pick up from Home Depot,” Rob said. “A painter needs to use the proper chemicals to treat mold or mildew on your home, protect the seals around your windows and doors, and make sure the paint result looks great.”
  • Lack the capability to make necessary repairs. “A lot of painters can’t actually make the necessary wood, masonry, or stucco repairs before beginning a job,” he explained. “They’ll just paint over those issues, and you’ll never know until you experience problems down the road.”
  • Are not fully insured or won’t insure you on their policy. “If an injury does happen on your property, or any damage is done to a neighboring property, you don’t want to process that on your homeowner’s insurance,” Rob said. He recommends asking to be listed as an additional insured on the painter's policy to give you total peace of mind.

Best Exterior Paint for Florida Homes

Every home needs a different paint product, so there's no one-size-fits-all solution. “Different paints will render differently with different colors on different materials, whether it's wood, siding, stucco, unpainted brick, or painted brick,” said Rob. “There are a lot of different factors that an expert can assess and make recommendations on.” 

That said, our experts at Bright Side Painting of Jacksonville use several high-quality paint brands for the best results. For example, both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams paints offer high-quality, durable options suitable for the Northeast Florida climate. We also work with specialty products like self-cleaning paints and mineral-based paints for masonry surfaces.

Here are some of the best exterior paints we work with at Bright Side Painting:

Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint

  • LOXON® XP Waterproofing Masonry Coating
  • LOXON® Self-Cleaning Acrylic Coating
  • Emerald Rain Refresh Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint
  • SuperPaint Exterior Acrylic Latex

Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint

  • AURA Exterior
  • Regal Select Exterior
  • Ultra Spec EXT
  • Regal Select Exterior High Build

Romabio Masonry and Exterior Paints

Romabio Paints are mineral and lime-based paints made for masonry like brick and stone. These authentic Italian paints have been used for centuries in Europe and look fantastic on Northeast Florida homes. Plus, they offer a great affordable option for your budget.

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